Membership shall be open to all persons actively engaged in the profession of Structural Engineering in the State of Idaho, or connected with said profession in the capacity as hereinafter set forth. Members of the Corporation shall be as follows:


shall be a registered engineer in the State of Idaho who is in responsible charge of design, construction, or research relating to structures of major importance, or is engaged in teaching the profession of Structural Engineering.



shall be one who is not a registered engineer in the State of Idaho, but who is regularly engaged in a business relative to Structural Engineering, or is regularly employed in the field of Structural Engineering. An Affiliate member shall automatically be enrolled as a corporate member upon notification to the Board of his registration as a Professional Engineer by the State of Idaho.

Affiliate & Student Membership Application


shall be a member who, in the opinion of the majority of the Board, has by virtue of his wide reputation, his outstanding professional accomplishments, and his long and devoted professional life brought distinction, eminence and esteem to his profession and to this Association. Such member may be selected by the Board of Directors and presented with an appropriate LIFE MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE which shall entitle him to henceforth enjoy all privileges of full membership and be exempt from any further dues.


The initiation fee shall be Ten Dollars ($10.00) for corporate members and Affiliate members.

Annual dues for corporate members shall be Eighty-Five Dollars ($85.00). The annual dues for Affiliate members shall be none the first year and Eighty-Five Dollars ($85.00) thereafter. Life members shall pay no dues. Annual dues shall be payable in advance and any member whose dues are more than one (1) year in arrears shall, except as herein provided, cease to be a member of the Association.


The membership initiation fee and dues for the first year of membership shall accompany application for membership. Fees and dues shall be returned to applicants who are not accepted for membership.


If, as the result of registration as professional engineer in the State of Idaho, a member is eligible to be elevated from Affiliate to Corporate member status at any time during the fiscal year following initiation into the Association, no first year annual dues will be required to institute this change in membership classification.